Renzo Buttazzo


The stone, arid and desolate, delicate and smooth, trampled upon since the days of his childhood in the allies of the city, caressed by the its unending gaze that would only intensify a bond uniting them forever.
"Use the hands" to create all that his soul has seen and heard, accompanied by the sound of the wind and by the stone.
His is a long journey, of the careful study of the material and of natural form, of experimentation dedicated to the soul of the stone and his primitve pulse.
Surrounded by absolute emptiness, the artist is placed in a position of the total refusal of a purely academic, archaic, and conservative culture, in the name of expressive freedom, pure and uncontaminated.
Immersed in the silence of nature, he finds the companion to his way of being within the natural form, essential, smooth, and in perfect balance with himself.
His art is intense, free of predetermined dogmas, full of simple naturalness.
Circular lines, winding waves, organic forms, and sweet curvasiousness, are the elements that recur within the sculptures of Renzo Buttazzo.

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