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PETRE space of "feelings", research and innovation facility, a place where the figure of the designer blends with that of the artist, where the design itself becomes a work of art, far from commercial affairs.
A place that stimulates a new perception of contemporary living, fully expressing the concepts of naturality binded to the ideas of "degrowth".
The research of uniqueness, the perfection of simplicity, the primordial harmony of colour, define silents against any mass serialization and industrialization, against the mediocrity of the "reproduced".
Redefining and reinterpreting the past, shaping new expressive surroundings, where in a unique context of natural sensations and evocative settings the reawakening of the sensitivity to contemporary trends unfolds.
Polyfunctional sculptures that transform the sense of "living" and "being" itself, favoring polysensorial experiences that lead to the daily and social use of art.
Born in the innovative minds of Renzo Buttazzo and LRJ.larabobbio, his companion who is also an artist, the space sets the search for psychophysical well-being as the foundations of his career, which arises from the engagement of the senses.
This is the age of the total subjection of man to the economic fate, where blind faith in the marketplace has left a place to disenchantment and the fight for survival.

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